How to conduct the initial dialog?

We have signed up to work to produce a demo in three years to rival Doug Engelbart’s demo, something we most definitely will fall short off, but how far can we dream, and how much can we build?

The challenge, in my mind, is simple. It is to further deliver on Doug’s core dream of augmenting our ability to solve urgent complex problems collectively?

Urgent, Complex Problems + Collectively

There is a lot of meat in that, but it’s not a narrow focus. We should hunt far and wide for inspiration and be open to changing much of the way we do things, while always working to fit the world as it is and not simply go fanciful without real effect.

Step one is to decide how to discuss this. I would say that prime requirements is URL-linkable discussion, which means email and Skype is only secondary and it should be in a robust enough location to be expected to be around in a few years time. How about we start blogging and linking to each other?


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