I Know Jack (or “how to move ahead”)

So we are trying to change the world.

Change it for the better, and particularly through IT.

OK, we have been working on this long enough and we are crazy enough, so let’s start.

Sam talk about the importance of incorporating many different points of view. Stan taps us on the shoulder and points to a future we should all take a more engaged look at, a future of new kinds of artificial intelligence. Timour looks into patterns and Pavel and Kennan wonders where all this will fit. All the while, Jack gets his spade out and starts tilling the soil to prepare for planting – I think that is the way to go. I feel a need to take Author to the point where it becomes obsolete thorough what we learn we can do – I think we can go way, way beyond a word processor but it’s an anchor I can mentally start from.

I don’t think we we invent the future without living with ever more advanced tools. That’s what I think.

Jack has specific suggestions for how to get started and I think we should heed his practical and technological advice and do what he says – build, then rebuild. Specifically Jack says:


“I am suggesting adopting an emerging (it works) backside knowledge processing (federation) platform: BacksideServletKS (Java, Apache2) as a basis for building Agile contributions to a) a DKR2 as proposed by Sam, and b) a looming Mother of All Demos2 based on a modern realization of the DKR concept.  Basically, by adopting an existing free and open source knowledge processor, portals need not worry about account management (authentication, etc), or persistence of that which is crafted at the portal.  In some sense, each portal can have its own backside system, and those then federate to a digital library. The proposed gain is this: we are all adopting to and co-evolving the REST APIs and protocols served by that system; no need to invent that wheel. That allows individuals to hack Agile demos of all kinds, and have them federated into a larger community.”

Jack Park,

Jack Park’s Suggestion via Email & Skype*


So Jack is talking about building a database system which can do analysis and present data in useful ways, which can be innovated on.

So there are questions, for the whole community:

What are we trying to do? Do we need databases for what we are trying to do?

How should we discuss what we are trying to do?

Where should we note down our top level requirements and priorities?

And to move the conversation forwards, should we use different tools/communications for high, high level and for implementation level?

I want to support Jack, but I am not sure we are quite ready to discuss implementations yet.

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