An accordion dialog system

Picture an online discussion system which is not an ugly design with lots of lines and randomly coloured buttons and screens of text, but where you can cleanly read relevant text, interact with it, come to agreements and decide on who does what – a discussion system and a task management system.

The Issue

The issue with our group is that we are working on building something but first we need to agree on what to build, and this will need discussion. As such, this proposal aims to be a discussion system and task management system.

The Process to Augment

Open discussion which results in actions.

The Results Desired

Actionable items which can be furthered tracked and discussed.

The Elements

Users writes a line of text, maximum 140 characters long onto a card. This is thought of as the subject. The user can also write further text as Body text, which will be hidden/collapsed upon viewing the page.

This card is either a heading for a section/topic or a body copy statement.

Each card can be dragged to-reorder them, much like you can in Trello.

Each card has attributes:

•  Subject
•  Body Text
•  Author’s name/ID
•  Category: Discussion Point – or – To Do Item
•  Time, place and device added and edited
•  Vote for others to agree or disagree on the point made in the card
•  How the card relates to the card it was added under (supportive, additional point, disagreeing etc.) or justification as to why this card is the head of a new stack of cards (written in plain text).
•  If tagged as a To Do item, tagged user who has taken it upon himself or herself to action the item, complete with a deadline (user will be notified of impending deadline through email etc.).

Possible Actions

You should be able to pinch in and out to see more or less on the text, in a hierarchical fashion.


And this is where I stop, for now. If you have any thoughts I’d love to hear from you.

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