Email to the group, January 1st 2016: New Year, same old?…


This is just not good. We talk about continuing Doug’s work and some people want to discuss issues way high, a level where tools just don’t get a look-in while others get to work on implementations without much productive dialog as to what should be augmented and how we can best do it. Then we spend quite a lot of time talking about those issues as if we are a dysfunctional couple – but we don’t have a therapist to help us. This has gone on for too many years. But now at least we have a deadline, and deadlines (can) make things happen.
The Aim

Doug’s singular focus was on augmenting how we solve urgent, complex problems, collectively.

I therefore propose that we make it our challenge to produce a system which allows us to augment how we as a group solve the problem of our own sub-optimal communication, decision making and implementation issues.

How about it people? How about we attack our own complex problem first?

This would involve all the levels of human cooperation – social, mental, technical, cultural…

IF we could attack this problem, we might have a thunderously powerful demo on the 9th of December 2018.
Our Design Problems Will Include:

•  How can we build a system which is actually enjoyable to use?
•  How can we ensure it stays open so it doesn’t just become another .com or hobby build?
•  How should the dialog be presented?
•  How can users and visitors interact with the dialog?
•  How will dialog and action items co-exist?
•  How can our individual passion projects contribute?
•  & much more…
So how to start?

So, I ask each and every one of you; are you in? If not, hey that’s fine, that’s honest, we all have lives outside of this.

But if you are in, I want to know how you feel we should start the very initial dialog – via email, blogs, Trello, Slack, Google+, Facebook or somewhere else? We can then see if there is a consensus on this. I would suggest that email is not the place for this though, emails get lost and can’t easily be searched or linked from elsewhere.

As a kick-off, I have started a blog at which you are all welcome to get accounts to (just email me and I’ll set up your account), for long-form posts or to just notify when you posted somewhere else. I have also put together a Trello board at where I have populated it with a few cards, as potential seeds. Please feel free to add and edit as you see fit though please also try not to make too many columns, it can become quite unwieldy.

Once we agree on how to have the dialog, we need to really gather requirements, in addition to the basic ones I put together above. This is where it would get juicy. As for my own involvement, there is the odd thing about working with other ‘saving the world’ type people when we are not in the same organisation and we don’t get paid – balancing ‘taking ownership’ with ‘taking over’ becomes an issue. We all need to take ownership of this if we are going to get this big bird to fly. Being mindful of anyone taking over is probably a luxury we don’t need to worry about at this point. If someone doesn’t feel heard, please simply speak up.

This is important work, with important ramifications equally if it gets done and if it does not get done. Let’s rise to the challenge.
Frode Hegland
The Deep Literacy Initiative

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