If I had millions…

Please note, this is raw and unedited, simply how I feel at this point:

If I had millions I’d do much more of thaw I have been doing with what I already have done with the money I started out with – I’d foster dialog and carry out projects with the singular goal of augmenting how we work together to solve problems.



Gather people together in conferences where the focus is on sharing information, connecting people and providing a safe and comfortable space for creativity, opening up, honesty and real dialog. This means covering costs of active participants where required.

I would expand the scope of the conferences into two streams: Sky-High thinking of how we can continue really improve how we solve problems together and Focused; Focused implementations where we can use Pavel and Timour’s strategies for getting the future into clearer focus in groups. This division would have to come about in a planned way and feed

Cornerstone Topics

I’m sure there will be many important topics to convene but there are cornerstone topics:

Interactions/Interface. How will be best use the rectangle of the computer screen where the most of our work will happen? Please note: The VR revolution is coming but the large horizontal rectangle of a current, large computer monitor will be the focus of our workspace until our biology changes: Move your eyes and remind yourself of your sharp foveal centre. Then move your eyes about without moving your neck and ‘feel’ which part of your vision is the least strenuous to move around in. This is the development sweet spot. There is still a huge amount of invention and innovation to do in this (current computer monitor sized) space than we need to wait for VR and such to expand.
Maybe we should call this the Interactions Group.

Links. Information is connection so how we interact and deal with our links will be crucial.
We might call this the Links Working Group.

Documents. We need a new, open document format which anyone can write applications for and expand, without breaking it for anyone else.
For this we need the Futures Document Group.

Infrastructure. We can’t innovate without the ‘substrate’ of our information also innovating and improving the space of possible innovation. This will be in concert with the projects I would want to fund, to help us see and live in new information worlds.
Maybe this should be the Infrastructure Group. 


The purpose of the projects is to not just talk but also do, and see what it’s like to actually work in different environments, not just have theories of them, collaborating to, hopefully, implement ever more powerful projects which will make the prior projects obsolete – that is my goal, to build ways of doing things which points to ever more powerful ways so that the there is a constant process of kicking the legs out from the ladder as we grow in capability.

I would fund my own project Author and turn it into a powerful collaboration system.

Ted Nelson’s ZigZag & other projects should also be funded.

Sam, Jack and the gangs DKR2/Knowledge Garden projects desperately needs funding, or rather, the world needs the project to be funded.

All of the projects funded would need to provide monthly updates to the rest of the community and rest of the world of what was learned, what was done and what was not done or found to be not possible.

Is this not done now?

So a natural objection will be that people are already doing this. There will always be someone pointing to something someone or some organisation is doing and this can be good but it can also make me want to cry. Sure there are technical institutions doing great things and companies as well, and there are hackers here and there building. But we cannot win the war on our own ignorance with such a messy situation.

If we are to really launch a moon-shot, or an all out assault on our own ignorance – whatever language you prefer – then we must, as with the actual moon shot or with with any successful assault, we must plan, strategise and organise. It’s that simple.

Are we up for the fight?

Can we put our egos into a confederation where we can collaborate with the best of what we have to offer, into a beautiful soup of knowledge and wisdom, while still having our creative little egos? Or will our egos kill us?

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