Wed 20 December 2017 Call

On the call: Jack Park, Mark Anderson, Houria Iderkou, Marc Weber, Stan Gould and Frode Hegland.

We agreed that our initial priority should be on developing a joint document system for transfer of documents to be made public, through something along the lines of which Jack highlighted the use and need for JSON data inclusion/transfer. Marc also highlighted the need for rich browser interactions. The point is: Rich documents for rich interactions no matter what app/client!

There will also be a physical meeting on Doug’s birthday, the 30th of January 2018, in California, which Houria and Marc are organising, in Palo Alto or San Jose. Details to follow and will be on our iCal: webcal:// SAVE THE DATE and please tell us if you can make it.

If you were not able to join but tried, we have a new link after people had problems. Please use this next time:

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  1. John Deneen - December 30, 2017 8:54 pm


    What we thank Doug Engelbart for inspired by his unfinished quest the HyperScope project:

    * Dec 13, 2017 – Platform for the Future of AR & VR | David Smith TEDxBeaconStreet (13:14 min.)

    David A. Smith’s CEO.Vision explains how VR spreadsheets on smartphones (interactive like how Apple started with VisiCalc changed the world), including project management for determining critical pathways for C-NICs to collaborate and improve via the internet.

    * Jan 24, 2002 – Think Link, Invent, Implement, and Collaborate! Think Open! Think Change! Think Big!

    (Bob Horn’s Keynote Speech Honoring Douglas Engelbart on Doug Engelbart Day in the state of Oregon, at Oregon State University)

    * A road map for Vision 2050, including an implementation guide for executing the Vision 2050 report (download 11.2 MB)

    The pathway will require fundamental changes in governance structures, economic frameworks, business and human behavior. Changes that are necessary, feasible and offer tremendous business opportunities for companies that turn sustainability into strategy.

    The report addresses three questions:

    * What does a sustainable world look like?

    * How can we realize it?

    * What are the roles business can play in ensuring more rapid progress toward that world?

    Likewise, When Doug Engelbart designed innovation into his lab at SRI. He began with the question (paraphrased)

    * How can we dramatically improve how we work together to solve important problems?”

    * How do you foster and accelerate innovation within and across organizations?

    * How do you network the stakeholders?

    * How do you capture, catalyze and organize the collective brainpower to optimize innovation?

    * What kinds of tools and practices would help raise your collective effectiveness, leveraging the collective IQ?

    * What if you could tap in to an innovation network that was focused on innovating innovation networks?


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