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Adam Cheyer



Who I am Cofounder and VP Engineering of Viv Labs, a startup whose goal is to simplify the world by providing an intelligent interface to everything. Viv Labs was acquired in 2016 by Samsung, and remains a wholly-owned subsidiary.  Previously, Adam was cofounder and VP Engineering at Siri, Inc. In 2010, Siri was acquired by Apple, where he became a Director of Engineering in the iPhone/iOS group. Adam is also a Founding Member and Advisor to (225M users) and a cofounder of


My web or social media presence @acheyer


What I am Doing  Two projects I am working on now:


  • Viv Labs: Trying to create the next global interface paradigm after the web and mobile, by turning an intelligent assistant into a platform that every developer in the world can use to offer their content and services in a new way.  A form of collective intelligence, Viv is taught by the world, knows more than it is taught, and learns every day.
  • Collaborama:  rethink every aspect of software creation, from conception of an idea through team formation, project definition, management, development, delivery and end-user experience, all based on many of the ideas of Doug Engelbart’s DKR.


How it Relates to Doug's Work  Both projects are trying to harness the collective intelligence of the world to augment human’s ability to reason about complex problems.  The tools and the end-user experience of Viv and Collaborama are different, but both share many common elements, including a rich DKR made up of many types of content, including semantic schemas, actual data elements, rendering views, language artifacts, people, tasks, issues, code logic, and much more.


What aspect/features of the DKR I feel should be built


  • A content storage framework that can be versioned, shared (with permissions), and discovered.
  • Editors and tools for creating and publishing content by the community
  • Action implementations as a way to retrieve distributed content and perform transactions with side effects
  • User experiences that facilitate end-user interactions with the content and services
  • Business models to incentivize a community to harness the capabilities of the platform and to create (most of) the content and services


One of Doug’s key ideas was of bootstrapping, and that you should use the system you are building to build itself.  As such, for me the most important domain use case for Doug-inspired efforts is software development itself, something I am trying to do with Collaborama.


What infrastructures and components I think will be required and I am working on All of the above.


How I Hope to Integrate with a DKR or Contribute  I hope to contribute two new platforms and ecosystem/marketplaces that are both inspired by DKRs, namely Viv and Collaborama.


My scenario/walkthrough


  • For Viv: Viv should be open to all developers in time for the December 9th anniversary of Doug’s Demo.  As Viv  launches on hundreds of millions of devices, this should give developers business incentives and the tools to publish their content and capabilities within an intelligent Dynamic Knowledge Repository.
  • For Collaborama: A walkthrough demonstration of the Collaborama system, a collaborative “DKR” for software developers where you can do everything from organize bookmarks or notes all the way to collaboratively create complex web applications, all using a single web-based IDE based on a few of Doug’s principles:


How I Prefer to Collaborate  Happy to listen in to other projects and kibitz now and then. Meanwhile, I will keep working along on my projects.