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Christopher Gutteridge


server | documents | semantic content | linking


Who I am Christopher Gutteridge. I've got experience in open access publishing of research and the pragmatic end of open data. There's a nice biography of me at:


My web or social media presence  @cgutteridge


What I am Doing  Thinking about how to embed more semantic content in documents to improve the experience of the reader. How to allow tools to understand files without human interpretation (Mime types and schemas taken further?). I'm also interested in how to link between parts of existing media unambigously at "web scale".


What aspect/features of the DKR I feel should be built  Means for documents to be open to servers


What infrastructures and components I think will be required and I am working on Richer data interoperability


How I Hope to Integrate with a DKR or Contribute  Work on the server side of a DKR


My scenario/walkthrough Author creating a document is able to capture useful semantics along with the text. Such as linking a term to a glossary definition, designating the detailed origin of an external quotation, storing the data behind a graph in a useful way. This information is captured in the published document and can be used naively (view and extract attached information) and interactively (document reader that can give context).


A document archive tool (on the web and on the desktop) can provide additional functionality. I'm a web programmer so would aim to build it into EPrints which I used to lead development on. I love the idea of pulling two tables out of different research papers and putting them into the same diagram using semantics of the data (eg. units of measurement) to combine them.


I also have been playing with building a javascript library that lets you create a URL for a selected range of text which can be linked back to. Maybe even create an entire "embed" HTML fragment to include in another document that links back to the source with context. I experimented with some very early ideas on this doing a transclusion apache plugin for Ted Nelson.


How I Prefer to Collaborate  Building components myself but with shared apis/formats. Open source all the way.