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Frode Hegland


text | documents | glossaries | viewSpecs | rich interaction


Who I am I am a Norwegian living in London as a software developer and PhD student at the University of Southampton who was a friend of Doug's.


My web or social media presence My personal website is: My work is: My blog: I am @liquidizer on Twitter


What I am Doing  I have developed and am continuing to develop a word processor inspired by Doug called Author which I am adding what I call a 'Dynamic View' to and publishing/export along the Socratic Authoring perspective


How it Relates to Doug's Work The primary relevance of my work to Doug's philosophy is my focus on what he called symbol manipulation, particularly with regard his idea of ViewSpecs, and the effort to create a modern DKR using open components such as supported by the notion of Socratic Authoring. I have been hosting The Future of Text Symposium annually since 2010 with Vint Cerf, in order to contribute to the Networked Improvement Community side of the equation.


What aspect/features of the DKR I feel should be built  I think that inter-operability of data is paramount, alongside  rich interaction, powerful ViewSpecs and high-resolution addressing.


What infrastructures and components I think will be required and I am working on I think it will be very important to build our vision of a modern DKR in an open way so that any developer can contribute: Socratic Authoring. I also think that we will need ways for linear documents and non-linear knowledge graphs should be able to inter-relate, something I think the notion of modern, maybe 'hyper' glossaries can play a part in: hyperglossaries.


How I Hope to Integrate with a DKR or Contribute I hope that Author can somehow contribute to a DKR environment by reading and writing documents in a shared open format, along the lines of the Socratic Authoring initiative.


The notion of a modern glossary system (hyperglossary) to aid the re-use of terms and linking them across systems is also an effort I am working on in this context.


My scenario/walkthrough A description of how I think the system we are co-creating could be used:


How I Prefer to Collaborate I think that it would be great if we could write our proposals down in a stable, addressable form, such as blog posts, and build a system for making it more usable to refer to each others posts as a primary interaction style AND I think it would be GREAT if everyone wrote a page like this so that we can quickly and easily learn about where we all fit in this puzzle. Feel free to email me text to paste here on this site or to host your own page and I'll simply link to it from the Who We Are page.