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This is the idea that it would be useful to be able to both re-use definitions of terms and to have these terms integrated into different systems:


  • Add entries. This should consist of:
    • Term field (subject)
    • General description
    • Optional: Sentence descriptions to explicitly connect with other entries


  • Store the entries. We can do this as:
    • Blog posts in WordPress (under a specific Category)
    • Server database
    • Client application


  • Access entries:
    • We can build a WordPress plugin to allow searches based on selecting text which results in a pop-up
    • We can build a WordPress plugin to allow the HTML to be marked up to show access
    • We can build OS based tools, such as Liquid to access the searchable corpus
    • & so on


  • Federating Entries
    • We should work on ways for the entries to be shared within different systems