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Archived Front Page

This is the front page as we created it way back in 2016:

The Vision

Doug’s vision, and what we are inspired to follow, was to ‘augment our ability to solve urgent, complex problems collectively’.

Picture this: What would the world look like if Doug Engelbart had gotten $100M++ USD funding and was able to keep his team focused for a decade or more pursuing the Augment / Bootstrap / CoEvolution / ARC / DKR / NLS / OHS / CoDIAK vision?

  • How would we experience our lives differently?
  • How would our human interactions look & feel?
  • What could we do (together?) that we cannot otherwise do in 2015?

The Doug Software Products

The product, to be called Doug, will initially consist of two components which will work tightly together:

Consider Joining Us

We are eager to build this collaboratively so please join us. We request that you look through Doug’s seminal Augmenting Human Intellect paper, from 1962 and watch the video of the 1968 Demo. You may also want to visit the Doug Engelbart Institute

EVERYTHING is up for discussion, but please look into why we are taking the direction we are taking and the reasons we are doing it the way we are first – we are trying to change the world, help us get there, with thoughtful dialog – we are looking forward to interacting with you 🙂

Doug Websites & Resources

Weekly Google Hangout (4pm UK time Sundays)


Core Attributes

Google Group. Please feel free to join

How we Co-Create. Proposed working structure

Relevant Web Sites

Welcome to Doug!

Sam, Frode & Stan

If you would like to blog here just send me, the admin, an email and I’ll happily create an account for you:

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