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Daily Call 2018-04-05

General knowledge representation matters were discussed. Marc-Antoine Parent updated us that work is going on in the area of layers on top of ReSTful knowledge data collections, to help with merging such collections for example. Marc-Antoine is making his knowledge-graph data more JSON-LDish, the list/graph already is. He also expands the linked data platform, so one can subscribe to such entries in order to get notified when new entries get added. Gyuri Lajos and Marc-Antoine acknowledge that displaying/rendering incoming and outgoing links is very important, maybe one of the most used features. We should make use of the Linked Data Platform, or GraphQL.

Gyuri points out the advantages of plain HTML as data format, Marc-Antoine adds that JSON-LD can be embedded, and Gyuri follows up with the notice that interpreting code can be delivered in CDATA together with the data.

Another realization by Gyuri as a result of the call on Wednesday is that WebAnnotation can be used to build a social platform, and Marc-Antoine again was able to reference the already existing Social Web Protocols and ActivityPub. The way to go is probably to embed WebAnnotations into ActivityPub data.

IdeaLoom can provide RDF in JSON form on request, with the concept ID as URL in there, and requesting that via HTTP content negotiation will provide the data associated with it, so context gets attached via a WebAnnotation that references data on IdeaLoom.

Gyuri describes the example of referencing something in Hypothesis that’s stored on IdeaLoom, how is Hypothesis going to embed IdeaLoom knowledge graph data on their service? Marc-Antoine responds that a highlight would be made on Hypothesis, and then be imported/referenced in IdeaLoom.

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