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Daily Call 2018-04-11

Robert Cunningham introduces us to HyPerform. It’s basically an Augment clone, but with an additional menu at the top. It provides a limited subset of Doug’s ViewSpecs. If the ViewSpec codes/characters are learned, navigating text can be navigated very fast. In the design of the system, everything that’s supposed to be a noun is a noun for noun+verb commands, but as it is verb+noun in English (example: “Window move from here to here”), that’s reflected in the software. This convention works with everything, be it text or controls, like “transpose/move Window” + click which to which. Could we standardize on verbs, which would also be helpful for versioning?

Regarding structure, with knowledge representation and threaded conversation, we tend to get very visual, but can we do something with basic text, so people can work with and display their material in whatever way they prefer. The tool should be incredible basic, so different people could make use of it in ways we probably don’t anticipate. Users would be able to run their text through a lot of processes.

Marc-Antoine: The text capabilities are very good, but HTML is more comfortable because of links. It won’t be transformation, but view controls, adjusting the CSS. Which view controls are application-specific, which ones should be standardized?
Robert: In HyPerform, there’s no way to add ViewSpecs. There can be plugins, but it’s unclear how to add them. Still, commands would be limited to the alphabet of upper- and lower-case characters. What we need are branch, group, flex and statement.
Gyuri Lajos: But wasn’t it the case that there were no files in the original NLS?
Robert: In HyPerform, files are mapped to the local hard drive. If files are moved, links break.
Marc-Antoine: Have we looked at Scrivener? It has something similar to ViewSpecs in search. In HyPerform, everything is content, there is no semantic markup like titles etc., so we can’t easily parse that plain (structured) text and derive meaning from it.
Stephan Kreutzer: Can we cheat? By exporting the data via an output processor, by accessing the internal data format of HyPerform, by adding special characters to the output in order to help a parser?
Marc-Antoine: Are most view controls for hiding and showing material?
Gyuri: There is Org mode for emacs, which is pretty much like HyPerform, it’s inspired by Doug’s demo to a great deal.
Stephan: But Org mode does it with a Markdown-style special character format.
Marc-Antoine: For structure, I would prefer HTML. I use Tinderbox for structure, and in there is Markdown. Look at the Leo editor, which is an outliner, mostly created for literate programming.
Robert: In HyPerform, there’s the ability to move material as a whole branch, so everything under it also gets moved.
Marc-Antoine: That’s also possible in the outline mode of Word. Sure, there’s more guarantee of correct operation by commands in comparison to visual manipulation.
Robert: Can I customize how level indentation looks like?
Houria Iderkou: What’s the status, what can we do in the remaining time?
Marc-Antoine: There has been significant progress recently.
Houria: Suggestion is that we shouldn’t argue about UI, because there are many options, but to actually build or show it.
Gyuri: Want to pitch to build an entire OHS.
Houria: Focus needs to be on the parts on which everybody can agree and work on.
Gyuri: But we’re not working together. I’m working on this system for more than 5 years, even before finding out about OHS, and now even the Augment Research Community is not looking at it, if not now/here, when ever?
Stephan: I don’t have code under a proper license and there are technical problems. Gyuri could provide a library for local file-I/O, otherwise I have to reinvent the wheel. Where are contributions to GitHub? Marc-Antoine has everything on GitHub, that’s very positive.
Gyuri: This occasion now is the big and maybe last chance to get something going for humanity and the world.

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