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Mark Bernstein


hypertext systems | everyone’s everyday knowledge management | hyperfiction


Who I am Chief scientist, Eastgate Systems Inc. Designer of Tinderbox, developer of Storyspace


My web or social media presence


What I am Doing  Spatial hypertext for everyone. Exploring exciting hyperfiction


How it Relates to Doug's Work  This complex and subtle question requires, I think, a fuller understanding of Engelbart’s work and its historical context than we currently possess. Superficially, I’m engaged with bootstrapping, we’ve revived stretchtext in Storyspace 3, and Tinderbox embraces an approach to knowledge representation that features a simple, regular abstraction surrounded by a rich assortment of tools and kluges — a very Engelbartian architecture!


Someday, someone must wrestle with other aspects of the Engelbart legacy.  In the late 1980s, the (now long-forgotten) rivalry between Ted’s followers and Doug’s echoed the era’s deep political divisions; no one talks about this anymore, but it's a crucial part of the picture. The stump speech for bootstrapping in Doug’s late years sometimes bore disturbing echoes of the ubermensch and seldom addressed the question of democracy in a partially bootsrapped world.


What aspect/features of the DKR I feel should be built  I’m with Doug on this one: build everything, and keep what works.


My scenario/walkthrough ... (So far a few of us have written up a few scenarios, featuring Joe, the character Doug introduced in his seminal 1962 paper Augmenting Human Intellect, updated to give us a few walkthroughs of what a 21st Century DKR might be)


How I Prefer to Collaborate  On short scales, through text notes, memos, and white papers.  At a larger range, through dialogue amongst systems.