Meeting Protocol


The purposes of the meetings will be to decide what to build and demo on the 9th of December 2018. Issues pertaining to the wider world, technology, politics or even Doug Engelbart, will not be the theme. This is in hope to produce useful and powerful dialogue and not to get bogged down in the classic tools vs. human side argument which we have seen so many times – this is to discuss how the tools can augment the humans.



  • The meetings will be one hour long and start and finish promptly.
  • Meetings will be in person for those who can make it and also online on Skype. It is requested that all online participants use high quality microphones.
  • The shared space will be a Google Doc, one for each meeting and all participants need to be logged in, for attribution.
  • All contributions must be provided in a linkable way, such as though a blog post. Preferred means is WordPress using a link to what is being commented on so that a ping back can link them. Guest accounts on this blog will be freely created but other blogs are of also ok.
  • Meetings will be recorded and shared publicly when text, not recorded and publicised when audio.

This protocol is always up for group modification.


Resources for Work

Slack Group:

This is where we are putting a list of Doug things which are missing from the world today: