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Stan Gould


 DKR | Knowledge | Cognizance


Who I am Entrepreneur purposed to spark interest and ignite shared development of the digital Personal Smart-Knowledge Appliance (PSKA) personal extended-memory ecosystem.


My web or social media presence


What I am Doing  Building the universal functional specification for the Personal Smart-Knowledge Ecosystem (PSKE) in 2018, for software development in 2019, and a 2020 first-release.  The PSKE is a personal extended device-independent decentralized digital content memory ecosystem distributed in mobile devices, PCs, IoTs, cloud services, etc.


How it Relates to Doug's Work  Specifying the 21st century’s visionary outcome of Doug’s DKR specification within his Personal Knowledge Workshop ecosystem. Both the DKR and Knowledge Workshop components were initiated in Doug’s works as personal components that were subsequently interconnected with others components to provide group and public shared knowledge DKRs and Knowledge Workshops.


What aspect/features of the DKR I feel should be built  Building the universal specification for the Personal Smart-Knowledge Appliance, providing humanity with an extended decentralized personal memory ecosystem layered on top of today’s Smart digital Appliances ecosystems; to disruptively amplify humanity’s collective IQ.


What infrastructures and components I think will be required and I am working on Cataloging and understanding the current state of cognitive computing (CC) and cognitive analytics, then applying that understanding to building a universal functional specification for the Personal Smart-Knowledge Appliance to guide its development, and integration within today's globally-distributed Smart digital Appliances.


How I Hope to Integrate with a DKR or Contribute  The Personal Smart-Knowledge Appliance fulfils all of the DKR’s core principles, purposes and functional design, while also providing the path to its global distribution.


My scenario/walkthrough Stan’s DKR PIE


How I Prefer to Collaborate  I will collaborate with those who can foresee the Personal Smart-Knowledge Appliance as the exponential-technology platform that completes Doug’s DKR/Knowledge Workshop vision in 2018’s official “Year of AI-Everything”.  Those few that can visualize (or already know) how a single visionary person (without significant personal resources, a well-qualified team or committed funding) will spark and ignite this vision (to be scaled globally within 3-years), is already a qualified co-developer – just join the team.



“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”
Albert Einstein