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Tudor Watson




Who I am Tudor Watson, owner of Tangent Web Design and Web Developer for Ted & Lauren


My web or social media presence


What I am Doing  Working on the 2d and 3d visualisations of geospatial and temporal data using PHP/MYSQL/JS/D3/THREE/PostGIS/Python/Hyperspatial Nanocubes/Hololens!


How it Relates to Doug's Work  Visualising patterns in data to reveal hidden knowledge, or more glibly, doesn't everything in life relate to Doug's work... :P


What aspect/features of the DKR I feel should be built  Any real time collaborative aspects, the low latency simultaneous document editing was particularly impressive and seemed more collaboration oriented than current implementations. such as Google Docs.


What infrastructures and components I think will be required and I am working on no idea, sorry!


How I Hope to Integrate with a DKR or Contribute  No idea either!


My scenario/walkthrough I'll follow up if I can write something inspired!


How I Prefer to Collaborate  Email, Skype, Trello (GTD style)