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What We Are Building : 21st Century DKR



Our aim is to start building infrastructures and services to enable a DKR fit for the 21st Century. We aim to do this by integrating with and extend current infrastructures and projects to make it possible to deliver at least some of the functionality described in What is Still Missing. During these early days we are looking at what is possible, what is useful and what reflects Doug’s vision to inspire, not simply impress in a flashy ‘demo’ but to truly demonstrate something useful. We have no finish line, the 9th of December 2018 is simply a useful deadline to get as far as we can by then – we aim to continue this work into the forseeability future. We have an overview of the different projects underway:


Projects on Google Spreadsheet






There are many different perspectives coming together and to build we need to be able to use a vocabulary. Our initial way of trying to create this vocabulary is simply by listing each term used (conceptual or specific implementation project) here and have the definitions in the Journal Blog under the Category Glossary Entry: DKR Glossary


To add to this list please email the webmaster ( to get an account so you can start posting. PLEASE try to link to the Glossary Entries we have here in your own Diagram, so that we are working in the same conceptual space.


 Document Diagram | Info Flows | DKR Components





Don Nielson suggested three levels of discussion, which we are using here, of which the above mentioned DKR fits in all levels for different parts of what we are working to build and present:


  • 1 repeating HISTORY We ask the question: What did Doug and his team demonstrate either at the demo or perhaps beyond, which is not available now, with the aim to bring to life as much of that as possible?
  • 2 pondering COMPLETION What of Doug’s vision was never realized, either in his mind or in a more absolute sense, and can that shortfall be demonstrated today?
  • 3 forecasting a PROJECTION What of the future, striving to meet his original expectations or natural extensions of them or even something more bold? What can we extract and project from that? This is a section for the long-distance thinkers...