What We Are Building

Collaborative Projects

We are soliciting partnerships with anyone who wants to build tools or systems aligned in some way with Doug’s vision of ‘augmenting our ability to solve urgent, complex problems, collectively. We are looking at what is possible, what is useful and what reflects Doug’s vision to inspire, not simply impress in a flash. Don Nielson suggested three levels, which we are using here:

1 repeating HISTORY  What did Doug and his team demonstrate either at the MOAD or perhaps beyond, aiming to bring to life as much of that as possible?

2 pondering COMPLETION. What of Doug’s vision was never realized, either in his mind or in a more absolute sense, and can that shortfall be demonstrated today?

3 forecasting a PROJECTION  What of the future, striving to meet his original expectations or natural extensions of them or even something more bold?

  • What can we extract and project from that? This is a section for the long-distance thinkers…

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Individual Projects

Related projects by people who are dedicated to continuing Doug’s dream in various ways which may or may not end up being linked to the projects above:

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