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What We Are Building : 21st Century DKR



Our aim is to start building infrastructures and services to enable a DKR fit for the 21st Century. We aim to do this by integrating with and extend current infrastructures and projects to make it possible to deliver at least some of the functionality described in What is Still Missing.  The DKR is designed to support the CoDIAK 'Concurrent Development, Integration, and Application of Knowledge' process. For more on this process, please refer to Doug's work, particularly Toward high-performance organizations a strategic role for groupware.





Hyper Knowledge


We want to establish a Web of Knowledge. This allows to see how any idea is connected with other ideas in debates, through evidence, citations, influence, consequences, etc.


There have been, and still are many attempts to create such a Web of Knowledge, and rather than be one more such attempt on our own, we want to help unify the forces of knowledge workers, both individuals and organizations, into an interoperable mesh of knowledge where everyone can contribute. We also want to make it practical to develop knowledge applications that consume and expose knowledge on this mesh.


The protocol supports interoperability of knowledge at personal and organisational levels and federation of knowledge sources so that knowledge can be synthesised to augment our ability to learn, understand, to be understood, solve problems and achieve goals.


Knowledge Graphs.






We are developing an online journal called ‘jrnl’ (actually pronounced “journal’ but we could not get the domain name) which will implement some of Doug Engelbart's ideas from the Journal in NLS/Augment.


We are building this as components in WordPress, with the aim of making it quick and easy for anyone to install themselves and then later abstracting it away from WordPress so that the functionality can work on a wider set of platforms.


The initial knowledge it will contain will be our own dialogue and then the dialogue for the 50th Anniversary of Doug Engelbart's demo Symposium.




The jrnl blog: